Infiniti Church is an organization of resources focused on the sustainable benefit and wellness of the individuals and the communities that we serve.   

Infiniti Church endeavors to find and express ever greater measures of Truth. Pledging to recognize and honor that which resides in all of us, always. While also resolving to protect our integrity through a policy of a robustly open and transparent level of accountability. Dedicating ourselves then thereafter to our main function.  The facilitation of genuine relationships both for the purposes of individual development as well as for that of communal betterment.

The Four Pillars of our Church are these: Truth, Respect, Transparency & Relationship. These Four Pillars form the foundation of our existence as a Church. Not just the framework of a movement, but also the basis of a covenant. The standard that we hold ourselves to.


Truth is the actual, or real, state of a matter. Truth does not change, only our perception of it. Truth being thus, that by which, all else is measured.

Truth is like a treasure a man found in a field. A treasure of such worth that upon finding it, he at once buries it again.  Only to then, go and joyfully sell all that he has, so to buy that field.  Truth is something like that.  A thing of value.

Without Truth we could never get to the root of any problem.  And not in some abstract sense either.  But rather, literally, if one cannot accept or does not have access to the Truth of a given situation or problem, then a real solution to it is nearly impossible.  As it would leave us stuck treating results, not causes.    

If the doctor is not told the Truth, or cannot discern the Truth, either in whole or in part, then the task of correctly diagnosing a patient becomes exponentially more difficult.  If possible, at all.  In the absence of Truth a doctor many not even be able to identify that a patient is even ill. 

Without Truth we stand no real chance of solving any of humanity’s problems.  Of really conquering any of the vast array of complex issues that face us today.  If we continue to refuse facing the Truth of reality.  If we cannot acknowledge data.  If we cannot recognize facts.  If we cannot accept Truth for what it is. Then no real solution can ever truly be had without Truth.

Within us resides both the source of our problems, as well as the solutions to them.  As for within us exists the very answers that we seek.  The human condition as we now know it, is the result of ignorance.   We’re ignorant of who we are, and thus what we’re capable of.  And so, if darkness is pushed back by light.  Then ignorance is laid bare by knowledge.  And if knowledge leads to understanding.  Then understanding gives rise to awareness.  Which is thus why our first Pillar is Truth.    


Truth is, no two of us are created exactly alike.  No two persons are truly equal.  Each of us instead uniquely made.  No two people are exactly alike.  Not even identical twins are.  No two of us even holds the exact same set of beliefs.  Nor have anyone of us had to exact same set of experiences.  Or felt that exact same set of emotions. 

Each of us possess differing strengths and weakness. Different talents and struggles. Distinct capabilities and limitations.  Which are just facts of the present physical material reality that we now inhabit.  Even more true than that is the Truth of our inherent unity.  Our implicit equality.  As each of us contain within us the Imago Dei.  As in, the Image of God that is extant within all of us.

By which is meant that, at the very core of who we are that, there exists something given to us by God.  Something that implies a both and.  In that, we are both separate, and yet united.  Or that we are both different, and the same.  No matter how we look at it though, our similarities far outweigh any of the temporal differences that we may now see.  As we are far more similar than we are not.  Which is why we’re we are stronger together, than we are divided.  

Infiniti Church thus commits to stand united against violence and bigotry in its various forms.  Infiniti Church is principally committed to the respect of life. We seek then, to honor in others, that which also resides within us.  We believe there to be value inherent within each and every one of us. We seek then to honor and defend, that very intrinsic worth and dignity, found equally within all of us. Regardless of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, or ideology. And believing humanity then, to be more alike than it is different.

What we do in life means something.  Sustainable societal harmony is something that cannot be neither achieved nor maintained without honor and consideration for each other.  The Church is the relation between us, and respect the glue that binds me to you.  This is why our second Pillar is Respect. 


Transparency is our third Pillar.  Believing that transparency leads to accountability, Infiniti Church commits to being as translucence as possible.  Doing so in hopes of being as effective a conduit of Light as we possibly can be.  

Pledging to be as open and as visible as we can be.  Committing ourselves not just to the letter of the law, but to the spirit of it also.  As we believe that we are just as responsible for what we do, as we are for what we fail to. 

Leadership, for us, is where accountability truly begins.  Leadership must always be ready to give an account of the exercise of their authority.  Or lack thereof.  To such a degree even that, the burden of responsibility for it ultimately rests with leadership.  Including, but not limited to, the communication of that accountability.  A platform of some sort must be made available for those who would like to address any concerns they may have directly.  Every week during our services questions can be asked, and accountability of leadership sought. 

We commit ourselves to complete financial transparency.  To full and complete financial disclosure.  We further commit ourselves to the adherence of a fiduciary level of responsibility.  Not just to those with a vested financial or personal interest neither.  Such as members, partners, stockholders and the like.  But to our stakeholders also, all of them.  From the people we encounter, to the communities we serve, to the societies that we live in, as well as to the world that we all inhabit.

We cannot then only serve our kind, our nation, or our sect alone.  As our stewardship extends to all things and all peoples within our sphere of influence.  And thus, in a world where trust means everything.  Transparency then is key. 

Key to establishing and maintaining our reputation as one that is above reproach.  Which is essentially to predicate our reputation upon just one thing.  Integrity.  And given that we are all imperfect, and thus prone to error, our intention then is only to act in accordance with that simple fact.  That we’re each human, and capable of making mistakes.  And thus, we resolve ourselves to being as open and as transparent as reasonably possible.  Which is why our third Pillar is Transparency. 


Relationship is our fourth Pillar.  Under the auspices of the First Three Pillars, Infiniti Church is ultimately in the business of relationship.  Connecting people together. Thus, Infiniti Church is to be a conduit of relation intent on the growth and development of both the person as well as collective.  

Infiniti Church thus, as an organizational entity at least, is where we come together for the purposes of doing life together.  To give as well as receive.  The place where it’s alright not to be alright.  Somewhere where we can come and acknowledge the harsher aspects of reality.  Where we can come together to mourn when we need to, as well as to celebrate life when the time is right.  The space where we, as a people, come together to live life.  To do life together, in sync with one another. 

We must be known then, for the love we have for one another. Being quick to forgive and slow to accuse.  Continually and passionately pursuing fullness of life, while also not losing sight of our responsibilities.  And we must do so, even knowing that, even in a spirit of tolerance and understanding that, inevitably we will inevitably get it wrong.  Not only will we not always agree.  But also, as an organization, we’re bound to get things wrong.  To fall short in some way, at some time.  Life is trial and error.  And so will it be with us, no doubt.  And yet, we dedicate ourselves to the continual work of growing and expanding.  Of becoming the fullest expression of our Self, together.  Believing that, in this way that, we may come to liberate the mind of some.

We believe in the potential of humankind to solve the issues that face us today. We just need to remember who we are. Which is up to us really. And so, our intention is to act accordingly. As if tomorrow may be different than today.

Such that, for our part, Infiniti Church then intends to cause an effect greater than some might think to image.  For the benefit of the whole of humanity.  For the benefit of the whole planet and all who reside upon it.  Starting from within our communities, working out from there. From neighbors, to strangers. Proclaiming the good news.  That this all ends so beautifully, for all of us.  Which is why our fourth Pillar is Relationship. 

Truth, Respect, Transparency, Relationship