Infiniti is God, Allah, Elohim, Tao, Consciousness, Self, Spirit, Source, Nature. Both Brahman & Atman. Everything as well as Nothing. The Infinity of Infinities. Apeiron.

Infiniti is an infinitely infinite infinity. Which is to say that Infiniti is something that’s not just infinite in one way. Or infinite just in some ways even. But rather that it’s something that’s infinite in an infinite number of ways. Infinite in every possible way even. Or something not less than that anyways. 

Which is to say that, Infiniti is that than which no greater can be conceived. As in, the biggest, largest, and most expansive infinity that there ever possibly could be. So big even that if all things could fit into one thing, then that thing would be Infiniti. Or that if all concepts could fit into one concept, that that concept would be Infiniti. If all infinities combined even, could fit together anywhere, it’d be inside this Infiniti. That’s how big it is.

So large even that Infiniti wouldn’t exactly lack nothing. But would rather lack for nothing. In that, given how large it is that, Infiniti would very much be then, both every thing and yet no thing. Everything, nothing, and anything in between even. So as to not even lack nothing.

Which is something that would be true of it too, due to just how expansive it is. Or rather, due to just how expansive it’d have to be even. In that, if it were not, well then, that it simply would not be Infiniti, but rather something less than it.

Which would, as such then, render Infiniti thus, absolutely everything, put together, all at once. The sum of all things. The sum of all being. The sum of all that is. And hence thus, the one thing that everything has in common. The lowest common denominator you could say. Or the absolute lowest common denominator that there ever possibly could be even.

And yet, truly unique too though. Completely other than actually. Without equal. Beyond compare. Singular even. The epitome of it actually. And paradoxically so too, you know. As thus both the most unique thing there is, as well as the most common thing that exists. It’s both completely transcendent as well as absolutely immanent, simultaneously.  

Which is precisely why it’s spelled with an i instead of a y. As to conceptually distinguish it from everything seemingly less than it. The whole of which exists inside of it. So that, with neither an end to it, nor a beginning of it, Infiniti would thus be limitless. Limitlessness even. Infiniti is an infinitely infinite infinity. Or something not less than that anyways.