Have you ever had a dream that was so vibrant, and so lucid that, you were genuinely surprised to wake up from it? Or have you ever woken up from a nightmare and thought to yourself, damn I’m so glad that wasn’t real? Because I certainly have. I’ve experienced dreams that were so realistic and so vivid that when I did finally wake from it. I was stunned to find that it was all just that. That it was all just a dream.

Which is a trip to say the least. Especially considering the fact too that, anything that’s happening right now, is also something possible within a dream. Such even that, how then do we actually know that we’re not?

What I mean is that, if there’s no limit to what can be dreamed of. If anything and everything up to and including this very moment can be conceived of as well as perceived within a dream. Well then, how do we know that this isn’t that? How do we know that this isn’t a dream? If we could be, then how do we know we aren’t?

How do we know that anything is as real is it now seems actually? How do we know we are who or what we think we are even? And it’s not just how do we know either. But how could we even?

How could you or I, how could we, ever possibly know with absolute certainty as to whether or not any of this is actually real rather than just illusory? How are we able to separate out, that which is true, from that which is not, and actually know that we’re right? And yet, what even is that though, right? What is it to be right? What is it to be true? What is Truth?


Truth is, the actual, or real, state of a matter. Truth does not change, only our perception of it. Truth being thus, that by which, all else is measured. Truth is, right now around the world people are suffering. Suffering without in a world of such plenty. Which is the Truth, even if that’s not all it is.

Truth is, we live in a world marked by conflict and violence, manipulation and greed, cynicism and divisiveness, and we have no one to blame for it but ourselves. It is the abdication of responsibility and the disregard for what truly matters in life that has led us to the mess we’re in now. It’s either the evil within us that grabs for whatever power it can, while neglecting the responsibility that comes with it. Or it’s an indifference to the good also within us. Either way though, we’re to blame here.

Truth is, we’re responsible for all this. For life as it is now anyways. Life being a reflection of us and all. A result of choices made, you could say. And not to add insult to injury or anything, but it’s not like we’re stuck here either. But rather that, we’re here by choice really. Which should actually bring a sense of hope to all this though, believe it or not. In that, if we’re here by choice. Well then, that perhaps we can just choose to leave too.

Truth is, we live in a world of cause and effect. A world in which there is virtually nothing we can’t do if we will but do what is required to achieve it. So much so even that we very literally presently already have all the strength and creativity necessary, in order for us to shape and mold this reality of ours in any way we see fit too. We need only to explore and expand on the possibilities before us today in order to secure a better and brighter tomorrow for all of us.

Truth is, here is the place from which we exert influence on our environment. Truth is, now is where we create and recreate from the canvas that is the world around us. Truth is the actual or real state of a matter. Which is the Truth, even if that’s not all it is. As the Truth is also just as much too that Infiniti might exist. Which is not just any infinity though. But rather one spelled with an i instead of a y at the end. In which case then what even is that? What is it to be without limit? What is it to be infinite? What is Infiniti?


Infiniti is an infinitely infinite infinity. Which is to say that Infiniti is something that’s not just infinite in one way. Or infinite just in some ways even. But rather that it’s something that’s infinite in an infinite number of ways. Infinite in every possible way even. Or something not less than that anyways.

Which is to say that, Infiniti is that than which no greater can be concieved. As in, the biggest, largest, and most expansive infinity that there ever possibly could be. So big even that if all things could fit into one thing, then that thing would be Infiniti. Or that if all concepts could fit into one concept, that that concept would be Infiniti. If all infinities combined even, could fit together anywhere, it’d be inside this Infiniti. That’s how big it is.

So large even that Infiniti wouldn’t exactly lack nothing. But would rather lack for nothing.

In that, given how large it is that, Infiniti would very much be then, both every thing and yet no thing. Everything, nothing, and anything in between even. So as to not even lack nothing.

Which is something that would be true of it too, due to just how expansive it is. Or rather, due to just how expansive it’d have to be even. In that, if it were not, well then, that it simply would not be Infiniti, but rather something less than it.

Which would, as such then, render Infiniti thus, absolutely everything, put together, all at once. The sum of all things. The sum of all being. The sum of all that is. And hence thus, the one thing that everything has in common. The lowest common denominator you could say. Or the absolute lowest common denominator that there ever possibly could be even.

And yet, truly unique too though. Completely other than actually. Without equal. Beyond compare. Singular even. The epitome of it actually. And paradoxically so too, you know. As thus both the most unique thing there is, as well as the most common thing that exists. It’s both completely transcendent as well as absolutely immanent, simultaneously.

Which is precisely why it’s spelled with an i instead of a y. As to conceptually distinguish it from everything seemingly less than it. The whole of which exists inside of it. So that, with neither an end to it, nor a beginning of it, Infiniti would thus be limitless. Limitlessness even. Infiniti is an infinitely infinite infinity. Or something not less than that anyways.


It’s that which is always true and always present, within and throughout any and all, relative frames of reference. And thus would thereby exist absolutely everywhere, always. Which turns out to have just as much to do too with the dimension of time, as it does with that of space. At least given what we already know of how the two relate anyways.

Given what we already know of the relationship between space and time, that is. Or space-time rather. Aptly named so as they’re so close even that they’re not really separate things. But rather one thing. Two sides of the same coin even. In that, wherever you find one, there the other is also. Wherever space is, there time is. And wherever time is, there space is also. Such even that one simply does not exist without the other.

Space and time are related to each other in such a way even that the implications of which, as such, would very much then, necessitate that, in order for Infiniti to be infinite spatially, that it would then therefore also need to be too, infinite temporally. What I mean is that, in order for Infiniti to be infinite in length, area, and volume, which are the three dimensions of physical space that make up the world around us. Well then, that Infiniti would therefore also need to be too infinite in the dimension that we know of as time as well. Logically so anyways.

Such even that if it exists. Well then that Infiniti is now as it always has been. Present perpetually. True into perpetuity. Bound by nothing. Not by space. Not by time. Not by change even. Infiniti is without end, and thus never began, which does not change. And that, as such then, Infiniti is thus what the temporal plays out in. And hence is timeless. Timelessness even. Abiding. Immutable. Everlasting. Eternal. Forever.


It’s the circle whose center is everywhere, and yet whose circumference is nowhere. Which with no limit to it, and thus with nothing beyond it, Infiniti then would therefore have to contain, within its Self, all that is. All that exists. The entirety of reality, you could say. Up to and including its very own being even. Self-contingent as it is and all. Which is precisely why and the way in which Infiniti gives context to all of this. To existence. To life as we know it. To our very own being within it even.

And we get that, from the fact that, Infiniti would be so expansive even that, it’s not just that there’d be no outside of it. But it’s that there couldn’t even exist such a thing as an outside of it. To such an extent even that, only from within it can, anything have any kind of being, at all even.

And yet that, Infiniti would also completely fill Infiniti too though. Holding all things even as it is all things. Containing everything even as it is everything. So much so even that there’d actually be no room then, no space, no place even, in which for anything else to exist. Except for it, that is. Except for Infiniti. Such even that, if Infiniti does in fact exist. Well then that, Infiniti would be the only thing that actually does then really.

The implications of which, as such, would thus, render us, now and forevermore, necessarily part and parcel with that whole. As we are, or at least would be, just as connected to it, as it would be to us. With us not only being found within it but with it too likewise being found within us also. And not just in part either. But that rather the very fullness of either would reside in the other always.

So much so even that, what we ultimately come to find is this. That whatever it is, and that whatever we are, that we are one and the same with it. One and the same as it even. We are Infiniti, only dreaming that we aren’t.


Think to how we just now defined Infiniti. As an infinitely infinite infinity. Or as something not less than that anyways. Which would imply then, not only an infinity in terms of the number of dimensions that it possesses. But also an infinity too, in terms of the scale and scope of each one of those attributes, individually.

Which, if we were to reverse that premise, then we could say something to the effect of, Infiniti would be, at the very least, not anything less than us, anyways. But rather like us, in every way that, we are anyway. Only infinitely more so than us. If that makes sense. Infiniti just can’t be less than us.

In which case then, if we are sentient. If we are aware. If we are conscious. Well then that logically, so too would Infiniti be. So too would Infiniti possess the dimension that we know of as consciousness. Even if only because it is an attribute of being that exists, which would alone thereby necessitate Infiniti’s possession of it. Or else it’d be limited in that way. Basically. Which Infiniti can’t be. Logically.

So much so even that, if we just perceive the world around us then. Or that, if we are simply aware of the experience of life even. If we are, to whatever degree that we are, conscious of reality. Well then that, by definition too, so would Infiniti be. Only infinitely more so than you and me.

Which could potentially help to explain quite a bit actually. Such as that, perhaps the reason there is anything rather than nothing, is because something is aware of everything. As all things would always exist within the infinite mind of one who knows all things.

To where Infiniti wouldn’t just be the fullness of all that is then. But would also be, just as much even, that which is aware of it. Which is significant. As it’d render Infiniti to us then thus, something both necessarily theistic, even if functionally deistic.  Or ontologically theistic, even if economically deistic.


The fullness of which, leads us to what may just be, a possibly more complete, and a thereby potentially more resonant understanding of not just life, but of our place within it also. And which may just be something we need now more than ever really. Much of which too, could simply come down to, how we use Infiniti conceptually.

In that, for all intents and purposes that, we should be able to use the very idea of it, literally the thought of Infiniti, as the Arche Principal. Or as a sort of intellectual linchpin even. A linchpin that, through which, we may very well be able to now, integrate and synthesize differing and seemingly disparate world views, effectively into a new theory of everything.

Into a truly universal theory of existence, if you will. Into a single comprehensive new meta worldview even. A perennial worldview. A worldview predicated upon this potentially inescapable innate unconditional ubiquitous connection existing between us and everything else. A worldview based upon the one that from the many come. Infiniti.

Infiniti is the set of all sets, both a set and yet not. Infiniti is the uncaused cause of all effects, and yet the effect of no cause outside of it. Of which, we are less modes of the One, and more the One experiencing its Self modally. By which I mean, we are a singular conscious being conceiving its Self fractally. We’re a single infinite subject, perceiving its Self as a multitude of finite objects.

We’re the same esse, instantiated by distinct energia. We’re the same being, dreaming that we’re different persons. We are Infiniti, experiencing what it’s like not to be. We are God, imagining we are not. We are somehow now pivoting out from our center of inherent unity so that you and I who are actually one being can instead experience our Self as two separate and distinct things.


And you know what, in spite of all of the varied ways in which this can and does play out in, this experience may just be and remain one and the same in terms of why we came. See because, even though we could say we came for any number of reasons. Probably an infinite number even. With any reason being arguably just as true as any other too. Every reason nonetheless always seems to include, at least two things. Experience and relationship.

Experience, in that, life is something only known to us, through some experience thereof. Something that, from within which, we experience thought, emotion, sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. But that, outside of which though, we know nothing else.

And relationship, in that, as a consequence of the way that it is, life principally necessitates multiplicity to even exist. Life as it is now anyways. Which simply could not exist without separateness. Or at least not without the illusion of duality.

Which would, as such then, render experiential relativity thus, vitally necessary for life to exist, in any way like it does for us now anyways. And which may just be then, in and of itself, purpose enough for life to exist, at all even. As to experience the relationship possible therein. Or as to experience and express the fullness of Self in relation to other.

The illusion of which too, would end up feeling all the more real to us, if we also happened not to know that it was all just a dream. Which may be a part of it also. In that, perhaps we dream too, as a way for us to forget who we are, and why we came, in order to experience that very thing. The journey back to remembering. Remembering the reason why we, in the first place, chose to forget all that we knew before coming.

All that we see and seem then, may just be a dream within a dream. A dream wherein, what we come to find is this. That we are it. One with it. One and the same as it even. We are Infiniti. Only dreaming that we’re not. A dream where we, forget as to remember, only to then, decide as we always have, to do it all over again. Which is, if nothing else, at least one way to spend eternity. Doing so too, no less, for perhaps this reason above all else. As to experience the unfolding of life together, in relation to one another.


Possibly, at least. Potentially, anyways. In that, this is what the limitless expanse of Infiniti would mean for us. If Infiniti exists, that is. Which is just it though. That’s the Truth of it. Truth is, Infiniti might exist. Even if, in Truth, it might not either. But that’s what a possibility is though. Something that could literally go either way. Which is precisely why I wouldn’t blame you for questioning everything I’ve just said. See, because who’s to say I’m right about any of this, right? I mean, what do any of us really know of anything, anyways? What can be known with absolute certainty?

Truth is, we are not now omniscient. Which is relevant in as much as that the data set for any piece of information is technically infinite. And we don’t know what we don’t know yet either. Heck, we don’t even know if what we don’t know is even all that important or not.

What we do know though, is that any piece of information thus, always carries with it, the potential to change everything we ever thought we knew about anything. And then, add to that too, the fact that, none of us could ever actually escape our own subjectivity sufficiently enough as to know much of anything with complete objectivity. And well then, you’re beginning to understand the epistemological conundrum we’re all in.

Which is that, there is almost nothing that we can now know with complete and absolute certitute. Or at least that we couldn’t know it, as such. And I’m not even absolutely sure about that. We’re trying to use finite minds, to comprehend the very Infiniti that, within which, we all exist.

Which is, in part, why I’m not asking you to take my word for it. But rather, you figure it out. As the crux of all of this is, and will remain to be true, even if I were to turn out to be a lunatic, a liar, or both even. Which is the Truth of it, in as much as, I could be. Even if, the Truth is also too that, at the very same time, and in the very same way that, you very well could be too. So much so even that, just as you can’t be certain that what I’m saying isn’t true. I too likewise can’t be sure that what you think is true is any bit as real as you happen to think it is.

Which I imagine leaves us at a bit of an impasse huh. And yet that, at the end of the day that, when it really comes down to it, Truth is what it is. Always has been. And the Truth is that, Infiniti might exist. That’s my position here, at least. Or what I’m arguing for now, anyways. For the possibility of it. And I do so too, no less, knowing that it very well might not even exist. And yet, that it just might too though. Possibly, at least. Potentially, anyways.


The reality of which though, for the record, would challenge so much of what we now know, and hold to be true, bringing it all into view, and almost every bit of it into question. Especially the way in which we understand our relation. As Infiniti would thus, in all ways, functionally bind all things together, for all time. Such even that, from eternity past to eternity come, our fates are forever tethered together. Tied even, to a single eventual inevitable end. The only thing that changes really, is how we get there.

With the expanse of Infiniti meaning for us, at least this one thing. That whatever it is, and that whatever we are, that we are one and the same with it. One and the same as it even. We are not-two, you and I. We’re only dreaming that we’re not that. If that makes sense. Which would make you no mistake then. But rather divinely made. As you always have been. And loved as much too. Infinitely so even.

God does not love some future version of you, but rather loves you where you are now. Being perfect is not the point here, but rather finding your Self is. Love the Lord your God with all your heart mind soul and strength. And love your neighbor as yourself too. Doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. Which turns out to be very much true. At least in as much as it is the measure by which you will be judged. But you already know this though, don’t you? Don’t you know who you are child of God?

You are the salt of the earth. You are the light of the world. You are the fire that burns within. You are far more beautiful and way more loved than you might now even want to believe. And life is far more wondrous and way more breathtaking, then we can now even conceive it to be. With more meaning and more purpose to all of this than we could now even possibly see. With the good news being here that, this all ends so beautifully, for all of us. At least, if Infiniti exists it does.

Peace be with you. Father bless us. Guard our minds. Soften our hearts. Open our eyes. Give us strength. Help us to love you. And our neighbor too. Just as Jesus did that day. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen. Infiniti. Unity. Harmony. We are One. We are Awokn.