Infiniti Church is to be a facilitator of relationship. Infiniti Church is to be a conduit of relationship with the set intent of the betterment and development of both the individual personally, as well as the group collectively. Infiniti Church is ultimately then, in the business of connecting people together relationally.

Infiniti Church is the space where we, as a people do live life together, in sync with one another. Being dedicated to doing life together honestly. Genuinely. Truthfully. The Church is basically where we come together for the purposes of sharing then. Sharing life. Sharing who we are. Sharing what we know. Sharing our dreams. Sharing our concerns. Church being the place then, where we come together to mourn, when we need to. But then to celebrate life too, when the time is right.

See, the Church, if nowhere else, should be the place where it alright not to be alright. The Church should be someplace where we can come and acknowledge the harsher aspects of reality. Even we choose to pursue joy together, we understand that life happens to all of us. And yet, we also believe that, if iron sharpens iron. Well then that, we are more powerful together, than we ever could be otherwise. And so, we believe too that as a Church, or as just a community of people even, that we are stronger together, then we are separate. And that, in this relationship of ours, that anything is possible for us.

Jesus said that these two commands were the more important. Love God with all your heart mind soul and strength. And that the second is like it. Love your neighbor as yourself. Upon which rests all the law and prophets. The golden rule uniquely happens to be an axiom that, in some form or another, can be found in every major religion. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. And never forget too that, God has a heart for the widow, the orphan, the stranger, the lost, and the poor. In this regard, tread lightly. Mess with that at your own peril. With power, comes responsibility.

We must be known then, for the love that we have for one another. And that, as such, we should be quick to forgive and slow to accuse. Everything in moderation, absolutely. And yet, we still believe in the passionate pursuit of reconciliation, understanding, compassion, mercy, grace, forgiveness, strength, honor, joy, as well as success even. All things in balance, obviously. Factoring in that we live in a world of cause and effect, we should still be known for the love of Truth in us. And so act as such.

We strive then, to establish and maintain harmony and balance in all of the environments that we may, at any given point in time, find ourselves within. Doing so, knowing that even in a spirit of tolerance and understanding that, inevitably we won’t agree on something. Not to mention that we’re bound to get things wrong in the process too. Life is trial and error. Growth is no different. And yet, we dedicate ourselves to continued work of becoming the fullest expression of our Self. Believing that, in this way that, we can and will come liberate the mind of mankind.

We believe then, in the potential of humankind to solve the issues that face us today. We just need to remember who we are. Which is up to us really. And so, our intention is to act accordingly. As if tomorrow may be different than today. So that, for our part of it, Infiniti Church then, intends to cause an effect greater than ourselves, for the benefit of humanity as a whole. For the benefit of the whole planet even, as well as all that reside within and upon it. From within our communities, and out from there. From neighbor to stranger. To proclaim the good news. Which is that this all ends so beautifully, for all of us.